This is a small, highly personalized practice. My role as a pediatrician is to partner with my patients and their families using a combination of education, advocacy, and attentive treatment.

This is a unique office. The physical space is limited and feels more like a cozy home with elastic walls than it does a medical office. Our practice doesn't have a large staff and there aren't more than a couple of patients in the office at a time. There isn't a lot of paper because everything is computerized. Patients leave messages when we can't get to the phone immediately. The experience is unique and individualized. Call it old fashioned—I think it's the future of medicine.

We try to limit our "practice policies." Mutual respect and consideration should be sufficient and have been so far.

Julie A. Buckley MD, FAAP
Pediatrician, Educator, Advocate


5270 Palm Valley Road • Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082 • 904-543-1288 •